Advanced Manufacturing

AForge provides comprehensive support for the entire R&D cycle, integrating cutting-edge design and advanced manufacturing capabilities in metal and polymer additive processes that are scalable from prototype to production.

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Advanced Manufacturing: R&D through Production

AForge’s Advanced Manufacturing integrates cutting-edge design, prototype, and production capacities, leveraging Additive Manufacturing for unparalleled design freedom. We accomplish this through topology optimization and generative design, yielding enhanced efficiency and innovation. Integrated CNC machining ensures we meet stringent precision standards. We offer end-to-end mission management, covering pre-manufacturing design, simulation, and reverse engineering, complemented with post-manufacturing metrology and inspection. 

Unlocking Design Freedom with Additive

Additive manufacturing is at the core of our process, enabling geometric freedom that redefines limitations. Our expertise in DFAM introduces complex structures and organic geometry to improve the deliverable through light-weighting, assembly consolidation, and unexplored functionality. This is achieved through our functional expertise in CAD, generative design, and topology optimization. 

Maintaining Precision and Repeatability

“Advanced Manufacturing” or “Hybrid Manufacturing” is the strategic combination of additive and subtractive manufacturing. Where CNC precision is necessary, machining operations are placed downstream of additive manufacturing, bringing traditional machined precision to the final product. We uncover untapped potential at the design stage where geometry is optimized for the additive and subtractive processes. Our capabilities include CNC 5-axis, CNC lathe, and EDM. 

End-to-End Mission Management

AForge Engineering supports the objective with a full-stack suite of capabilities. Our design/development expertise includes advanced CAD, FEA, CFD, and reverse engineering from 3D scan data. Our post-manufacturing capabilities include metrology-grade inspection for dimensional and GD&T analysis prior to delivery of the product. Our facility supports escalation to production scale, where high volume demand can be met without sacrificing quality. 

Advance Manufacturing Capabilities

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Additive metals: tool steels, stainless steels, IN625, IN718, Ti-6Al-4V, CuCrZr, Al, CoCr, and more
  • Additive polymers: nylon 6, 11, and 12. Carbon fiber and glass bead composites available
  • Subtractive CNC 5 axis, CNC lathe, and EDM

Supportive Manufacturing Processes

  • Resin-based DCPD ballistic armor- custom form-fitting up to IV+
  • Precision Laser Welding

Design / Engineering Services

  • CAD design, DFAM, generative design, topology optimization
  • Simulation: static FEA and CFD
  • 3D scanning: data collection at a resolution of 0.02um (micron)
  • Reverse engineering: 3D CAD generation from scanned data
  • Metrology grade inspection and dimensional analysis from scanned data or CMM contact-based measurement
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